The idea that continents move sounds crazy . . . until you look at the facts.

One of the most incredible claims of modern science is that continents move. When Alfred Wegener proposed a version of this theory in 1912, fellow scientists accused him of “pseudoscience,” “delirious ravings,” and suffering from “moving crust disease.” Now that his theory is widely accepted, most schoolbooks and museums present it simply as fact, without detailed justification.

Christians need to be careful of both extremes, especially on a topic so central to our understanding of earth history. Just because evolutionists developed a theory doesn’t make it wrong, but scientific “consensus” doesn’t mean we should blindly accept everything they say without some fact-checking.

No one wants to sound like Wegener’s original close-minded, shrill opponents. If we’re not careful, educated people may ignore anything we say, including what we say about the Bible’s history, Christ, and the gospel.

This isn’t just an intellectual exercise. Digging a little deeper provides immense rewards for our witness. It shows that Christians embrace the best of science. And more important, it shows the power of the Bible’s Flood account to help us better understand our world.

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