This weekend’s feedbacks are answered by CMI-US’s geneticist Dr Robert Carter. First, a question about “Y chromosome Adam”, and second, about the Cambrian Explosion and modern seafloor life:

Dear CMI,

I have question relating to human Y–DNA haplogroups. It is claimed that Y–DNA haplogroups allegedly “disprove” the Creationist “Out-Of-Ararat” model of human migrations and “prove” the Darwinist “Out-Of-Africa” model. The claim is that “Y Chromosome Adam” gave rise to two major sub-clades–A and BT. All living human Y-DNA haplogroups, except for A, are supposedly descended from Y-DNA haplogroup BT by way of two other major sub-clades–B and CT. The first carrier of Haplogroup CT (a.k.a. “Eurasian Adam”) is said to have lived in Africa and his descendants supposedly later migrated out of Africa to the Middle East becoming ancestral to all modern human male lines except for A and B which are both found almost entirely in Africa. Because of this, many Darwinists allege that this proves that humanity originated or “evolved” in Africa and migrated to other parts of the world from there rather than migrating from Babel in the Middle East following the flood to other parts of the world.

How do human Y-DNA haplogroups fit with the biblical model of human migrations and with the Table of Nations in Genesis 10?

Thanks in advance.

God bless,


Dr Carter responds:

Dear Dylan,

Great question.

1) All human males share a very similar Y chromosome. This means we have a recent common ancestor. With the publication of the chimp Y chromosome last spring (only ~70% identical to human1), evolutionary theorists are being forced to decide between two uncomfortable choices. Either our common ancestor with chimps is much further removed than 6.5 million years or Y–chromosome Adam is much younger than 90,000 years. The timing of Y–chromosome Adam is not as friendly to evolutionary theory as was once assumed….

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