I just read an article that reminded me of something one would see on the SciFi channel on Saturday afternoons.  I may date myself but years ago this would read like an Irwin Allen (The Master of Disaster) movie.

Volcanoes erupting all over the earth.  Animals panicking as they try to outrun the pyroclastic flows, only to be burnt to a crisp as the fiery clouds of ash races past their smoking remains.  Forests first flattened by the volcanic blasts ignite by the intense heat.  The waters around the volcanoes begin to boil from the massive amounts of lava pouring out of the earth’s mantle.  Ash clouds from all the volcanoes begin to join up in the upper atmosphere blotting out the Sun.  After all the fires die down, the smoke and ash clouds start to cool off the earth’s surface until a nuclear winter sets in resulting in a massive ice age.  What life wasn’t burnt, cooked or boiled from the initial volcanic activity not slowly freezes to death.  The movie ends with the world’s largest extinction event ever.

Perhaps not quite the same scenario as above, but the report from the researchers at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada reads very similar to it.  Dr. Steve Grasby and his colleagues believe they have found evidence that massive volcanic eruptions some 250 millions years ago wiped out 95% of all life in the ocean and 70% of land animals.  This event is known as the Permian Extinction.

According to Dr. Grasby: Our research is the first to show direct evidence that massive volcanic eruptions — the largest the world has ever witnessed –caused massive coal combustion, thus supporting models for significant generation of greenhouse gases at this time.

At the time of the Permian Extinction, they believe the earth had one large supercontinent which they call Pangea.  The eruptions and burning coal on Pangea not only caused massive fires and ash clouds, it also caused the release of numerous toxic gases which also contributed to the mass extinction. 

As I read through the article, I couldn’t help but see this as great evidence for the early stages of the Genesis Flood.  Although there are a variety of creationist flood models, most of them agree that before the Flood there was most likely one supercontinent.  Most of the creation models also agree that part of the fountains of the deep bursting forth involved a great deal of tectonic breaking up of that supercontinent resulting in massive volcanic activity.  However, unlike Dr. Grasby’s scenario, the forty days of rain would have continued to wash much of the ash and greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and into the flood waters below. 

When the Red Orbit news writers wrote this article and used the title The ‘Smoking Gun’ Of World’s Largest Extinction, I don’t think they had any idea of how accurate they were.  The world’s largest extinction wasn’t the Permian extinction as they believe, but the extinction caused the Genesis Flood.

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