Jerome G. from the United States writes in response to article Did God create life on other planets?

I agree that we humans for all the reasons you cited are the only sentient beings in the universe.

However when I hear people say what a waste of space (and Christians sometimes think the same thing I think we are possibly missing Gods grand design.

What if: God intends that man will spread out into the entire universe by traveling from one star and planet to the next so that to his kingdom there is no end?

There are a number of reasons to think this. First God did not seed the world with man on various continents or places but put ADAM and EVE one place. From there man spread out into the earth.

Next if man spreads out into the universe than the problem of sin nature and the need for Christ will continue for all times.

Also what does the phrase “A new heaven and a new earth” mean?

This earth would eventually come to an end but not man!!

Maybe our vision of what Gods plan is and our understanding of the Bible is so limited.

I think that using the scripture a Good case can be made for worlds without end!!

CMI’s Lita Cosner responds:

Dear Jerome,

Thanks for writing in.

At best, we can say that we can’t know your hypothesis from Scripture. There’s no indication that God had in mind that humans would spread over the universe. This is contrasted to the expressed intent of God that humans would fill the earth.

We agree that this earth will eventually come to an end. But I would argue that this doesn’t mean that we’re all going to migrate to another planet, but that earth will be re-created—and not just earth, but the whole universe. In Genesis, “heavens and earth” is a merism that stands for “the universe.” I would argue that it is used in the same way when Revelation talks about a new heavens and earth.

There are many indications that God’s plan was for humans to inhabit the earth, not other planets. For instance, God spent most of creation week preparing the earth to be suitable for human habitation. Most of the rest of the universe is relegated to a footnote during Day 4: “He created the stars also.” Isaiah 45:18 says that God created the earth to be inhabited….


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