Jonathan S. from Canada wrote in commenting on Did God create life on other planets? Gary Bates’ response interspersed.

The more I read the bible [sic] and try to rationalize what’s in there with what Science [sic] is discovering about our universe, the harder it is to believe in the book.

Of course, and you have just explained why. Secular or materialistic science is your authority. You accept its claims first as the primary axiom. Materialistic evolution has no place for a creator so no wonder it is at odds with the Bible. Both evolution and creation are belief systems about the past that you and I were not there to witness. See  ‘It’s not science.

I wish God would come back down to Earth and just clarify everything up for humanity.

He did already and He explained it to us in His book—the Bible. It seems that rejecting the Bible because of your ‘science’ is preventing you from seeing the big picture of the marvelous Gospel that the Bible is all about.

His book is so old,

That’s a good thing—a strength of it. It’s not a bad thing, because it tells us about history, our origins, what went wrong etc, and written by people of history who were actually there and closer to the events. No one saw evolution happen or a cosmic big bang, for example. It’s interesting too that the Bible has been described as the most accurate historical book ever written when it comes to archaeology; for example, see The walls of Jericho. So if one can verify such historical claims in one area to be true, then that might be a good reason to accept its historical claims in other areas too….

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