Few controversies have created the level of uproar in recent years as has Intelligent Design (ID). One result of the ID movement was the court ruling against teaching ID in public schools in the recent Dover, PA, Intelligent Design court case (Kitzmiller v. Dover (400 F. Supp. 2d 707 [M.D. Pa. 2005])), The reason for Judge Jones’ ruling can be summed up as follows: Critical analysis of evolutionism leads to intelligent design, which leads to the intelligent Creator requirement.

The Creator requirement leads to theism, and the courts have consistently ruled that the state cannot hinder or aid religion — and that since teaching ID aids religion, it cannot be taught in state-supported schools. Of the many recent examples I know of people who rejected atheism and became theists because of ID, I will cite two.

Professor Antony Flew

Antony Flew, Professor Emeritus at Reading University, was a leading 20thcentury intellectual and author of many books including the highly respected texts The Case for God Challenged (1993) and Atheistic Humanism (1993).  He also has published many major philosophy texts, such as Western Philosophy; Ideas and Argument from Plato to Sartre (Flew, 1971).

Although as a youth Flew was a Christian, during his teens he rejected Christianity due to his study of Darwinism.  He concluded that evolution could fully account for the creation of all life and that there was no need for a Creator who had been displaced from his role as creator by science. Flew eventually became a leading defender of atheism, a role he held for over half a century.  His paper “Theology and Falsification,” (Flew, 1968) first presented at Oxford University in 1950, became the most widely reprinted academic philosophical paper in the last five decades….

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