If you are familiar with Adam and Eve, you should also know that the Bible tells us that God took a rib from Adam to make Eve.

When I was a kid, many people believed that men had one less rib than women because of God taking a rib from Adam to make Eve.  However, that is nothing more than a myth that was spread by people who didn’t know any better.

Actually, men and women have the same number of ribs.  We all have 12 pairs of ribs in our chest.  Our ribs attach to our spine in the back and wrap around the sides and reconnect at the sternum or breast bone in the front, that is, except the bottom two pair that don’t attach in the front. The ribs protect our heart and lungs, just like a cage protects a pet bird.

Our ribs also function as a place where a number of muscles attach.  These muscles help us breath, move, twist, bend and move our arms.

Another function of our ribs takes place inside them.  Many of the red blood cells that carry oxygen in our blood are manufactured in the rich red bone marrow inside the ribs.  Without that production of red blood cells in our ribs, we would have a very difficult time doing much of anything because our blood would not be able to carry enough oxygen to our muscles and brain.

But there is one very special feature of our ribs that is the reason why God chose to use one of Adam’s ribs to make Eve.  Our ribs are the only bones in our body can that regenerate itself – that is to grow a new rib.

There is a very thin lining of tissue that surrounds the ribs, kind of like a very thin clear sheaf covering a knife blade.  If the rib is removed from that sheath, without damaging the sheath, the body will grow a new rib inside the sheath.  No other bone in the human body can do this.

Many doctors know about this feature of the rib being able to regenerate itself.  Quite often they will very carefully remove a rib and use it to rebuild or replace things like damaged jaw bones and eye sockets.  Not only does the patient get their face reconstructed, but in time the rib grows back and they are as good as they were before the surgery.

So if anyone asks you about why God chose to use Adam’s rib and not some other part of the body, you will know how to answer them.

Creation Story (Genesis 1-11) Dramatized Audio CD

The Bible tells us time and time again to “hear” the Word of God, but how often do we actually do this? The Bible compares “listening” to God to “obeying” what God says, but we need to be able to hear God’s voice, before we can listen to God’s commands. In our modern day, where almost every Christian has at least one copy of the Bible (and usually many more), we have convinced ourselves that reading God’s Word is the same as hearing God’s Word.

The Creation Story reading is based on the majestic and historic text of the 1599 Geneva Bible, which was the first English Bible to be fully translated from the original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek – the three languages Scripture was written in thousands of years ago.

Award-winning actor and sound designer, Steve Cook, presents a dramatic reading of the Creation Accountword-for-word from Genesis 1-11. These first chapters of the Bible record the true account of where everything beganfrom the Creation of the universe and the first people, to the cataclysmic destruction of the global flood and the beginning of the new world populated by Noah and his family. Performing all the voices, Steve adds an audio panorama of cinematic music and sound effects that will make you feel like you’ve been transported back through time, experiencing history with your very ears.


“This is a great way to expose my kids to Scripture. They love listening to it. They want it played in the car, at home, and especially at bedtime. To hear them talking along with the narrator, even getting ahead of him, fills my heart with joy. They are becoming well grounded in one of the most important sections of the Bible. This exposure will be significant to them later in life, but for now they think it is just plain fun. I wholly and heartily endorse this product.” Dr. Robert Carter (Creation Ministries International, US)

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