The rationale behind CMI’s focus

CMI fans (and even opponents) are sometimes keen for CMI to take a ministry position on their own favorite topic. But like most organizations, Creation Ministries International (CMI) has a special focus. Especially because it is not a church but rather a parachurch organization, its purpose isn’t to address, or have an official position on, every possible issue having to do with biblical Christianity.1 While CMI exists to uphold Scripture’s authority on all things of which it speaks, its specialty—or ‘focus’—is the issue of Creation by the Triune God as opposed to evolution, and that from a scientific perspective as well as a biblical one.

Our final authority

Of course, for an organization with a primary goal of upholding the authority of Scripture, claims of ‘special revelation’, ‘personal experience’, ‘the Spirit led me’, or ‘God told me’ to believe such and such are rightly dismissed in favor of what Scripture clearly (or even less clearly) teaches—especially when such revelations contradict Scripture. A good rule of thumb is: “Don’t tell me you’ve ‘had a special revelation’ or that ‘the Spirit convinced’ you of a doctrinal position. Instead, tell me where in Scripture you read it or how you logically deduced it from Scripture. Otherwise I’m not interested.”

But even where a specific doctrine is dealt with in Scripture, debates on such may not be suitable for CMI articles, creation talks or Q&A times, or discussion threads on CMI’s Facebook page about those articles. As with a political party or any other large group of people, the entire collection of opinions on every issue will differ from person to person within the organization. A larger and stronger stand on the major issues is easier when 100% agreement isn’t required on every minor issue as well. And while all biblical doctrines have obviously been deemed important enough by the Holy Spirit to be included in Scripture, there remain more important truths and less important truths.

CMI has also pointed out that debates on many other subjects, such as the Millennium, mode and subject of baptism, Sabbath observance, etc., are over what Scripture says, presupposing that it’s the final authority. But the debate over Creation concerns whether Scripture or ‘science’ is the authority regarding Earth history (see End-times and Early-times)….

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