CMI speakers get to conduct a variety of ministry, including churches, public meetings, prisons, universities, radio, etc. A large part of the CMI ministry that is underwritten by ordinary folk like you is to Christian (and public, when invited) schools.

While I’m pleased that more and more children we minister to get to hear that the Bible is real history, they are still the minority, even in churches and Christian schools. When I ask, “When were dinosaurs made?” most will reply, “Millions of years ago!”

One reason is that churches, schools and Sunday Schools often teach the Bible, and in particular the Old Testament, as if it were just a book of ‘stories’—nice accounts with a moral message, but not connected to the real world of science and history. Then, when the children are taught the ‘facts’ of biology, geology, astronomy in other classes and on TV, etc., they see their faith as remote from reality.

This was evident in one good Christian school I once visited, despite every teacher being a solid Bible-believer. The primary/elementary school youngsters were wide-eyed and amazed at the things being said, and enthusiastically asked lots of questions. Though they clearly hadn’t learnt much about the Bible being real history, they were open and receptive; many told me how much they enjoyed the talk.

By contrast, when the high school students (by now, coming to terms with the reality of life in a fallen world) they showed little interest in the idea of someone talking to them about the Bible. I could almost hear the collective groans as the subject matter I was going to talk about was introduced. This was until I was able to catch their attention when talking about natural selection, variation within a created ‘kind’, the origin of ‘races’ where all people came from, and, of course, dinosaurs….

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