Last week, the earth was struck by a significant solar storm that could have caused a lot of damage to life on earth.  We heard warnings that our cell phones could have problems and that it could even disrupt some electrical power grids causing outages in some areas.  Some warnings even went so far as to suggest that the solar storm was powerful enough to affect electronic equipment like our computers.

First of all, let’s explain what a solar storm is.  Periodically, the surface of the sun has huge eruptions of hot gases.  These eruptions are known as coronal mass ejections or CME’s.  They are hurled out into space at tremendous speeds carrying a lot of energy and radiation.  Anything in the path of a CEM gets bathed with intense solar radiation which can be strong enough to cause damage to plants and animals.

The CME that struck earth last week was a fairly strong one that could very possibly have damaged many living things here on earth including us but it didn’t.

When God created the earth, He designed it with an iron core and magnetic field.  The earth’s magnetic fields are powerful enough to deflect a large portion of the CME’s and solar flares.  If either were any larger, they would pass through the magnetic fields resulting in certain death for our planet.  In regards to our sun’s CME’s, solar flares and our earth’s magnetic fields, it seems as if they were perfectly designed for each other to protect life here on earth.

When the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed by the solar flares and CME’s, we can see the results.  It’s called the aurora borealis or northern lights.  The solar storm last week caused enough disturbance to the magnetic field that northern lights were seen much further south than normal.  As a matter of fact, I often tell people that when they see the eerie yet beautiful northern lights to remember that they are a sign of how special God designed the earth, complete with its own protective barrier to the potentially damaging solar storms.


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