Atheists See the Problem!

Robert V, USA, who is a long age creationist, wrote in after reading What all atheists have to believe saying that he believes that Christians should avoid taking a stance on the plain reading of Genesis, believing it is detrimental to sharing the Gospel. His message is printed in full, followed by a response from CMI-CA’s speaker (and co-host of CMI’s TV show Creation Magazine LIVE!)Calvin Smith.

As an Old Earth Creationist, I disagree with the literal six-day interpretation given in Genesis. Could God have created the universe/world in six days? Of course. Science does seem to be painting a different picture however, and according to Romans 1:20, natural revelation is a valid means of learning certain things about God. That said, I am human, and could very easily be wrong.

If the only valid reading of Genesis 1 were a literal six-days, I can see insisting on this translation. There are other valid ways of reading the text however, and by insisting on the literal reading we run the risk of losing a number of Christians who cannot bring these concepts together. Speaking as an ex-atheist, I can say that when a Christian would start making this argument I would instantly tune out….

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