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Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

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EXCERPT In Genesis 6:1–8 we read about some persons who may be a pre-Flood link between the Bible and the cultures of the ancient Near East. They are the “sons of the gods.” The biblical reference to them should have some relationship with historical fact. If so, we should be able to lift these early chapters of Genesis out of what may be to some a foggy mysticism, and make connections with extra-biblical historical accounts.

Suggested Meanings for the “Sons of God”


Who actually were the sons of god?” Some say they were fallen angels. However, to have children, they must have been sexual beings, and angels are not. From Matthew 22:30 we may conclude they are neither male nor female. Furthermore, if the judgment of the Flood was against the “sons of god” and they were angels, they would actually have escaped it since they are spiritual beings.

Another interpretation is that they were the sons of Seth, the godly line. Could this be so? Could the godly line become so totally corrupt that they were responsible for the Flood? It is difficult to imagine believers becoming that corrupt.

The third possibility is that of rabbinical Jewish interpretation. It is that “sons of god” were rulers or princes. What follows will be very close to this. The first two explanations have become the popular ones and most people have never heard of this third possibility. Even when considered, it is dismissed as untenable (cf. Keil and Delitzsch’s commentary on Genesis 6).

Perhaps a combination of the first and third is the best explanation. That is, that the “sons of the gods” may be demon-possessed rulers!

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  • Dennis

    I have never had a problem with the explanation of it being fallen angels.It seems most so called christians cannot wrap their minds around that.The book of Enoch which was at one time a book of the bible which is mentioned and spoken about in the new testament even quoted talks of this in detail.Ever wonder why the church removed it? So i feel that this is exactly what happened.To think they were human and had sex with humans makes no sense to get a race of giants.Just sayin.

    • Paul

      I agree. Chuck Missler has spent a LOT of time and thought on this particular subject. That they were “men” does not then explain a lot of things such as the Book of Enoch, or giants, the Annanaki (sons of Anak being the descendants of Nephilim), or Number 13:33 (“we seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes an we looked the same to them”), or Numbers 13:23 where the men brought back a single cluster of grapes carried on a pole by two men. Since when did a single cluster of grapes require two men to carry it?

  • Jack Parker

    Or the fourth and simplest and most likely explanation: Genesis 6:1–8 is false and there was no “flood” and the The bible is a book of myths, allegories, superstitions and falsehoods. Yea, that’s a much better explanation.

    • Wendy


      You wish so much that the Bible was untrue. But it is the most documented and hisorically accuate book of history.

      The Bible is a collection of many different books and many different writers, but they substantiate each other. Many Old Testament books prophecy about events hundreds of years in the future, and then they come true. Isaiah even names the name of King Cyrus hundreds of years ahead of time.

      It is impossible for so many different people of different centuries to know so many different details of history hundreds of years in advance. Jesus, and details of his life, are foretold in various books of the Old Testament. His lineage, his birthplace, riding on a donkey into Jerusalem, soldiers casting lots for his clothing on the cross, one would deny him, how he would die, that he would rise in three days,… It all happened! The statistical odds are impossible to have happened without divine inspiration.

      That Jesus’ tomb was empty was never even asserted. It has just been explained different ways. But with an empty tomb, over 500 witnesses seeing him alive physically after the resurrection, and the completely changed lives of his earliest followers and Christian people throughout all of history for almost two thousand years. It is ludacrist to deny. The Bible has thousands of copies dating back nearly to when it was written and happened (New Testament) and Old Testament from before Jesus came.

      Nonbiblical writings and archeaology also confirm the BIble. The Tower of Babel and the flood have stories from every ancient culture. The ruins of the Tower of Bable are there. Evidence of a worldwide flood is all over the world.

      The names of many major Biblical characters have been found in archeology and/or nonbiblical sources. Abraham living in Ur, Joseph and Moses in Egypt, David and Solomon as king, the tomb of Mary and Martha and Lazarus. The tomb of Caiphas.

      Sodom, Gomorrah, Old Testament Jericho with the walls fallen down, the town of UR, and other ancient civilizations have been found archeaologically.

      All other ancient historical documents are much fewer copies available from centuries after the fact and cannot be verified as extensively as the Bible.

      Many atheistic archeologists converted to Christianity on the evidence.

      Jack Parker and Joe Martin, I commend you for seeking the truth by accessing this site. Now take off your blinders and your ignorant comments, pray for insight, truth, discernment, read ancient documents, and find the truth. You will be grateful for all eternity.

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