Evolutionists have to believe that humans evolved from apes who evolved from monkeys, who evolved from some lower form of mammal who evolved from a reptiles who evolved from an amphibian who evolved from a fish who evolved from a worm who evolved from a multicellular creature who evolved from an amoeba like one cell organisms who evolved from a mixture of lifeless molecule in a primordial soup over 3 billion years ago.

With this belief of evolutionary origins, evolutionists have longed to answer to the question of when and how man first started to walk upright, freeing his hands for other things.  In that search, a team of researchers from the US, England, Japan and Portugal believe they may have solved the why part of this elusive question.

And to no surprise, they started by studying chimpanzees, man closest relative, or so they believe.  They focused their attention to the way chimps foraged and competed for food.

After observing chimps, they concluded that walking upright originated with the way chimps gathered food, especially foods that were rare or scarce.  It seems that when the chimps happened upon a limited food source, they would gather as much as they could carry in their hands and arms and walk upright for short distances to keep others from getting the same food supply.

They speculate that the more the chimps adopted this method of hoarding food, it caused them to evolve certain anatomical changes to their hips, femurs, knees, tibias and fibulas.  Over a million years or so of evolution, there developed a race of apes that walked upright instead of on all fours.  This race of apes, which had an advantage in gathering and carrying food eventually evolved into early humans and then into modern humans.

Rather than making a monkey of my ancestors, I firmly believe that God made man to stand upright from the very beginning.  He made man different from all the creatures of His creation.  Our history starts with Adam just over 6,000 years ago, not with some food hoarding ape millions of years ago.


Humans Began Walking Upright to Carry Scarce Resources, Chimp Study Suggests, Science Daily, Mar 23, 2012.


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