(First appeared in a CMI newsletter)

It’s great to take heart from the Scriptures when reading about biblical characters such as Noah, Moses, Elijah and Jeremiah. Great men of God as they were, I’m sure that there must have been times when they wondered if they’d heard God correctly. In their own understanding they probably viewed the challenges they faced as almost insurmountable. They had to stand up and confront the popular and distasteful culture of the day, enduring trials along the way. However, they trusted God. They believed and took Him at his Word.

Today, there is so much contention about what God is supposed to be saying in His written Word. However, I can’t help being reminded that casting such doubts originally began with the evil one when he tempted Eve with those words, “Did God really say … ?” (Gen. 3:1).

What if Moses, even though he was standing as a lone soldier, had failed to stand up to Pharaoh? What about Noah? The long arduous trial of building a giant ship and his preaching of a coming judgment certainly wouldn’t have made him the most popular guy around. What if these men had doubted what God had said? Fortunately they trusted God’s Word, and God used them to bring salvation to many. We are proof of that today. Their individual efforts made a big difference.

It got me thinking about the times we are tempted to take the soft option in our own lives or ministries. Are we frightened to talk about our faith for fear of ridicule or rejection? Do we feel inadequate or somehow powerless to bring change against what seems like an insurmountable tide? Be encouraged because one thing is for certain. Whether as a ministry or as individuals, making a stand polarizes thought and, thus, causes people to consider the arguments. This is one way we can start to effect change….

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