In Genesis 3, we sadly read about the downfall of all of mankind with Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  After they ate, their eyes were opened and they realized that they were now sinners, resulting in their covering of their nakedness and hiding from God.  Afterwards, God confronted them and subsequently pronounced judgment on the serpent, Eve and Adam which affected all of Creation.

We frequently hear about the judgment God placed on Adam, of which I discussed in part in yesterday’s article How Could a Loving God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

But what about Eve?  All you hear anyone really say about the judgment on her is that God increased the pain of childbirth however there is so much more to God’s pronouncement than just this.

In Genesis 3: 16 we read:  Unto the woman he said, I will greatly increase thy sorrows, and thy conceptions. In sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thy desire shall be subject to thine husband, and he shall rule over thee.

Note that it says that God will increase her sorrows, not necessarily her pain and that it also says in conception as well as in bringing forth children.  God’s judgment on Eve was a three fold judgment.

Sorrow #1 – Spiritual

Before the Fall, Adam and Eve experienced a perfect personal relationship with God.  He walked with them in the Garden and spoke with them.  This personal relationship with God is something that we will never know during our days on earth.  However, Eve now had to bear the sorrow of knowing that none of her children or her children’s children for generations to come will have that same personal relationship with God.  There would always be spiritual separation between all of mankind and God because of what happened in the Garden.

Sorrow #2 – Emotional

Conceiving a child and discovering that you are pregnant is supposed to be one of the most joyous occasions in a woman’s life.  However, Eve now would experience a great sorrow in knowing that all children ever to be born will experience a life of hard work, suffering and then ending in death.  Yes, her offspring are now condemned to death.  Can you imagine the sorrow she had to feel in knowing that this death sentence could have been avoided had she not fallen to the serpent’s temptation?

Sorrow #3 – Physical

This third sorrow is the one that most people think of when they read this verse – an increase in pain during childbirth.  Have any of you ladies out there ever wondered what it would be like to not experience the intense pain you had when giving birth?

As I studied this verse, it dawned on me that this is something that is unique to humans.  I’ve been around cats, dogs, horses and cattle that have given birth.  I have even had to assist with several horses by reaching in shoulder deep to help pull out the foul.  Watching them, it is quite obvious that none of them experienced the same intense pain that women do.  I’ve talked to several veterinarians and at first they hadn’t really thought about it, but when I queried them, they had to admit that animals have it much easier than humans do.

I know a professional animal breeder and trainer and asked him the same question.  This individual is nationally known for his animals that have been used in numerous feature films including some of Disney’s works.  He has also been on television with his animals.  His love is using his animals to teach about God’s creation.  When I asked him about the amount of pain his animals have when giving birth and how it compares to women, he also admitted that there was a pronounced difference in the pain levels.

Since most evolutionists claim that man and chimpanzees are so closely related, I sought out a primatologist that works at a large metropolitan zoo.  This person, who is an evolutionist, has witnessed a number of chimpanzee births.  When I inquired, he also admitted that our supposedly closest relative does not experience the same pain intensity as do humans.

Next I was able to locate a physician who also had a farm with numerous different animals.  I asked him if he has ever been involved with the childbirth of any of his patients.  He said he had delivered a number of children in his practice.  Then I asked him if he was ever around when any of his animals gave birth.  He said he has witnessed the births of cats, dogs, pigs, goats, cows and horses.  When I asked him to compare the degree of pain that the different animals had during the birthing process to that experienced by his human patients, he confirmed my suspicion that humans have a greater intensity of pain than do any of his farm animals.


God’s judgment on Eve was not only a physical sorrow as so many believe, but it was also a spiritual and emotional sorrow that she alone had to bear.  Can any of us ever truly comprehend the magnitude of the sorrows that Eve carried with her all the days of her life?

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