When you compare man to the animal kingdom, he really doesn’t stand out as anything all that special, physically.

Most animals, two and four legged are much faster than man is.  Almost every mammal on earth can easily outrun the fastest human.  From tiny mice and shrews to gorillas, rhinos and elephants, humans don’t stand a chance in a foot race.

Pound for pound, humans are weaker than virtually any animal on earth.  Even our supposedly closest evolutionary cousins, the chimpanzees are two to three times stronger than humans.  They could easily overpower a human of the same size and weight.  If a boxing match ensued between a chimpanzee and the best human boxer in the world, I’d put my money on the chimp every time.

Man’s senses – hearing, vision and smell, are greatly lacking compared to most animals.  A number of animals can hear the slightest russle of leaves or even heavy breathing from many yards away.  Elephants can hear a low frequency sound they emit as far away as twenty miles.  We’re often lucky to hear each other from across the room or a field.

Animals and birds smaller than us can see farther and with greater clarity than we can.  Eagles and hawks can focus on a rabbit or mouse on the ground nearly half a mile away when we can’t see them more than a few dozen yards away.

Wolves can smell fresh blood a mile away while the only thing we can smell that far is a skunk, garbage dump or sewer spill.  Bloodhounds are famous for their noses that are over 1000 times more sensitive to smells than humans.

If man is weaker, slower, and has duller senses, than what makes us so special?

If you read Genesis 1, you will see that God created every living creature on Days 5 and 6 before He made man.  Of all the living being God created, none of them were created to have a personal relationship with God and worship Him.

But in Genesis 1:26-27 the Bible tells us:

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

The difference between man and the rest of creation is that man was made in the image of God.  We were made to have a personal relationship with God.  According to a brilliant man, Prof. John Rendle-Short:

We can think of man as placed halfway between God and the animals, possessing characteristics of each. Physiologically and anatomically man is an animal…The main impact of the image is that God endues man with some of his divine attributes, thereby separating and making him different from the beasts. What are these special Godlike qualities which man is permitted to share? I shall mention six: language, creativity, love, holiness, immortality and freedom. You will probably be able to add to this list.

One other thing that makes man different from the animals is that man has an eternal soul.  The Bible describes animals that breathe through their nostrils as having a spirit, but only man has a soul.  It is our soul that gives us a unique connection with God and an instinctive knowledge of Him.  Every person on earth is aware of God because of that soul, but many reject him because of their sinful nature.

One of my favorite examples is Helen Keller who lost her sight and hearing at 19 months of age and spent the rest of her life in darkness and silence.  After her teacher, Ann Sullivan had made such great headway with Keller, it was revealed that she was a remarkable woman who understood more about life than most people that can see and hear do.

In one of her letters, Helen told Bishop Brooks that she had always known about God, even before she had any words.  Even before she could call God anything, she knew God was there.  She didn’t know what it was.  God had no name for her — nothing had a name for her.  She had no concept of a name.  But in her darkness and isolation, she knew she was not alone.  Someone was with her.  She felt God’s love.  And when she received the gift of language and heard about God, she said she already knew.

Helen Keller also had a sense of morality even before Sullivan managed to communicate with her.  That sense of morality was found based in her knowledge that God was with her.  Without God, there would have been no reason for Keller to have possessed a sense of morality.

Our eternal souls are really what make us different than animals, especially in the light of eternity.  When our physical bodies die, our souls will live on where they will spend all of eternity either in heaven with our Heavenly Father or in hell, where one is eternally separated from God. If you never accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, your soul will be destined to eternal punishment in hell.  However, if you confess your sins, ask for forgiveness and invite Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior, then your soul will spend eternity in heaven with Him.  The choice is yours and I pray you choose wisely.

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