Skeptics who refuse to reveal their name—do they have something to hide, or something to fear?

There appears to be an increasing trend of late with atheopaths seeking to distract us from producing content for the website and our publications by bombarding us with insincere ‘enquiries’ with fake names and fake email addresses. We publish this email to which Dr David Catchpoole responds, complete with fake name and email address to show precisely the sort of opposition we face.

Eyes Mind Wideopen with ‘email address’ writes:

Regarding your article: Holy books? Which one are you going to trust? by David Catchpoole … .

I’m still confused! How does using YOUR holy book prove anything more than that you have a book that you adhere to when answering all questions pertaining to YOUR religion? It would mean nothing to you … prove nothing to you … if I were to quote something from “The Gospel of Thomas” to prove to you that Agnosticism is the one true religion. It’s like holding a piece of gold in your hand at the bank to prove you have a backyard full of gold. Mr Catchpoole’s argument insults the intelligence of any thinking person and makes himself and anyone taking him seriously, look like an ignorant fool.

Hmm I [don’t] wonder why you don’t have a place for comments on your website….

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