This week, I want to take the opportunity to expound on the comments left by two of our visitors concerning the controversy between evolution and creation.  My response will follow below both comments.

Heavyweights Move to Ban Creation

From: David C.

Indoctrination is right! For years, the gripe coming from many materialists was, “don’t shove your religion down our throats!” Now, it appears they are the ones pushing their beliefs on people without giving them a choice. If creationism is seen by these secularists as being nonsense and having no scientific value, then why do they perceive it as such a threat? Surely the “science” backing evolution is sturdy enough to thwart any challenge from something as scientifically weak as creationism.

I believe these evolutionists have debated those defending creation science enough to know just how much of a threat creationism is. After all, these people have based their entire lives and careers on Darwinism. So goes Darwin, so goes their jobs.

From: Wendy

David, I think you are exactly right. If creationism was a myth, it would not be worth fighting. If evolution had a leg to stand on, it would not be threatened. The fact that evolutionists are so defensive, so warlike, so narrow-minded, and want to censor so much, proves that they are scared, and that they have reason to be scared, otherwise they wouldn’t be.


David and Wendy, I so appreciate your comments concerning this topic.  I have been asking the same question for years and no one has yet been able to give me an appropriate response.

One of the basic tenets of education is to teach students to critically think and ask questions.  If no one bothers to ask questions, learning becomes stagnant and dies.  Every new discovery is the result of someone asking why, how, where, when, etc.

This is especially true in science where you are taught to ask about alternatives, or what if this or that is added or subtracted or does or doesn’t happen.  One of the most valid ways of proving a theory or hypothesis as being true is to prove all other options false.

I remember being taught this in junior high school science and again in high school science classes.  My teachers taught us to ask questions and explore alternatives to a hypothesis.  Most colleges and universities also preach this philosophy, but very few schools from junior high school up to post graduate level universities practice what they preach.

In one of my early college biology classes, I ran into a prime example of this.  The prof taught us to question and explore all possibilities.  When he started teaching about evolution, I began to question the evidence being taught as the proof for evolution.  I tried to engage him in a conversation about the so-called proof and other possible interpretations and he nearly went ballistic.  It wasn’t long before he told me to shut up and quit disrupting his class with religious nonsense.  I then asked him if it is such nonsense, then why not practice what he preached and explore why it is nonsense.  He refused.  I asked him why and he told me if I wanted to pass his class that I had better let it drop.

I had another professor who started teaching about the evolution of plants and I asked him for his evidence.  He told me it was in the fossil record.  I asked him how that proves evolution and he told me that the fossils take millions of years to form.  I questioned that concept and proceeded to ask if there were any other possible explanations for the fossil record such as it being the evidence of a worldwide flood.  He said that was impossible and to forget that religious *@$^#*^@.  I then challenged him on his teaching about critical thinking but yet being closed minded to one religious view while completely accepting another.  His face got red and he started screaming at me that evolution is not a religion that it is fact.  I asked him what is the evidence that he called fact?  He again pointed to the fossil record and the millions of years of age.  I started to list all of the assumptions that dating methods are based upon and that those assumptions cannot be proven.  His face was so red with anger.  Then he just about completely lost it when I asked him why he was so afraid of exploring alternative theories especially since that is the basis of science.  That was a class where I did straight A work but got a B because of my religious nonsense.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity on numerous occasions to ask evolutionary educators the following question: Since you advocate critical thinking and exploring alternatives in science, if creation is such nonsense, then why are you so afraid of comparing it with evolution or teaching just how ridiculous it is in class?

I’ve heard answers that range from it would be a waste of time to it’s a matter of science versus religion, to using the law and court decisions to hide behind.  If you try to tell them that evolution is a religion and not science, they often get very defensive and deny it.

On one occasion, I had an educator tell me that if she was to teach both evolution and creation to her students and let them decide for themselves which they wanted to believe in that the majority would most likely chose creation.  When I asked her why, she told me that evolution doesn’t answer any of the basic questions of how and why everything came to be.  I asked her if she was a creationist and she told me no, she was an evolutionist because she didn’t believe in God.  I then asked her why she believed in evolution if it can’t answer any of the basic questions and I will never forget her answer.  She looked me straight in the eye and told me that she believed in evolution because she didn’t want to believe in God and admit that she was accountable to Him.

This educator was afraid that is she allowed herself to explore the alternative to evolution that she may find herself in the situation where she had to embrace an Almighty Supreme Being.  She knew that if she acknowledged God in any way that she would ultimately find herself accountable to Him for her life and she didn’t want to turn that over to anyone, especially God, so it was just easier to deny He existed.

Yet the way she talked, you could tell that she did believe that God existed, but consciously felt that she could hide from Him by denying Him.  I’ve often equated evolutionists to the old image of an ostrich with its head in the sand pretending to hide from God, when in reality they know He exists, they just don’t want to submit to His authority.

This is what evolutionists are afraid of when it comes to creation and the idea of teaching the two philosophies side by side.  They know what the results will be and they don’t want to go down that avenue.  They prefer to stick their heads in the evolutionary sand and pretend all is okay.

This is a typical reaction of sinful people when confronted with a righteous and holy God.  In Genesis 3, Adam hid from God once his eyes were opened to sin and he realized he was a sinner.  As we are all descendants of Adam and carry that sinful heart, our nature is to hide from God because of our sins when in fact, we need to turn to Him, confess our sins and embrace His love.

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