by Tas Walker, Ph.D.

It’s easy to forget how questions about Noah’s Flood, answered years ago, still bother so many people. An email friend sent me this message:

I have a question for you if you have a minute…..I am a believer in Noah’s flood of course and I just had this comment sent to me…..

“Oceans, though covering 71% of the world’s surface, make up 97% of the world’s water. Now, the average oceanic depth is about 3800m, and the average altitude of Earth’s landmass is around 800m. That remaining 3% of water just aint gonna cut it. I wouldn’t even get my feet wet! So, friend, where did all this water come from and more importantly, where the hell did it go?”

Tas, is there an easy answer to the question of where did the water go? I’m assuming the present day oceans are the ‘run off’ from the flood, assuming of course that the surface of the earth before the flood didn’t have nearly as much ocean area….

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