This week’s correspondence features questions on Janjucetus, a whale fossil supposedly intermediate between toothed and baleen whales, a purported information-increasing mutation, and the meaning of Genesis.

Ann P. from Indonesia writes:

Hi, Firstly I am a great fan of CMI. If you have time to answer this question I would greatly appreciate it, if not its fine, we are not in any danger of believing evolution, I just want to teach my children that it is a good practice to evaluate (and study) for yourself things that are taught.

My daughter has just started year seven with the Distance Education Centre Victoria. It is a public school. She was recently asked to view a video from the website of the Victorian museum on whale evolution [Web link removed as per feedback rule—Ed.] and from that write out the proof of whale evolution. I have copied below one of the comments that was made on the video.

“Meet JanjucetusJanjucetus is a spectacular fossil discovered in the late 1990s near Torquay here in Victoria. 

Janjucetus is not only a beautiful fossil, it’s a beautiful example of a transitional form between the ancient Dorudon and the modern baleen whales such as the Blue Whale as you can see behind me here.” Erich Fitzgerald.

We can’t find anything helpful on the internet about the Janjucetus fossil, Do you have any information on it?

God bless
Ann P.

CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati replies:

Dear Mrs P.

I must admit that this is a new one to me. It suggests that it is not highly regarded among evolutionists. From what I can find out, this is yet another desperate intermediate that has none of the major features of its alleged descendants, but there are supposedly some minor features in common. I.e. there doesn’t seem to be a trace of baleen, and it would have been a predator of large animals rather than a sort of filter feeder (baleen filters krill)….

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