When we think of mammal reproduction, we tend to focus on vivipary or live birth.  We often forget that there several mammals that are oviparous or egg laying.  They are classified as Monotremes and include the platypus and four species of echidnas.  The rest of the mammals are divided into Metatheria and Eutheria.

Metatheria are the marsupials that give birth to an underdeveloped young that finds its way to a pouch where it attaches itself to a nipple and completes its development.  Eutheria are placental mammals that give live birth to their young and do not have a pouch to raise them in.

According to evolutionary theory, reptiles evolved into the earliest mammals.  The fossil record seems to indicate that the earliest mammals were live bearing.  However, a number of evolutionists believe that the Monotremes split off from this early lineage before the evolution of marsupials and placental mammals.  But if that were true, how did the earliest mammals reproduce if not by laying eggs, giving pre-mature birth and nurturing the young in a protective pouch or placental live birth?  I don’t know of any other way to reproduce except for self-cloning and I don’t think anyone would seriously consider that as a possibility.

P. Martin Sander, a paleobiologist at the University of Bonn, Germany believes he has the answer as to how the earliest mammals reproduced.  He points out that both reptiles and mammals have protective layers or membranes around a developing fetus resulting in both groups of animals being known as amniotes.

In searching through the fossil record, Sander says that there is little evidence for amniotic eggs or embryos which makes it difficult to determine what the evolutionary history really is.  This led Sander to start looking at fossils of aquatic reptiles, especially those that have smaller skeletal remains inside the larger specimen.  He explained that many believe the smaller skeletons are the remains of the creature’s last meal, but he is suggesting that in fact, these may be embryos instead.

From all of his research, Sander concludes that the large aquatic reptiles may have been among the first to give live birth as the thick leathery shells found in other reptiles would have drowned and not survived in water.  Therefore, they would have given rise to live-bearing mammals at the very beginning that later gave rise to the egg laying Monotremes.

Note that this, like most of evolution, is nothing but theory and conjecture based upon a presuppositional view of origins and not on actual evidence.  But sadly, so many people believe these evolutionary theories and conjectures are real scientific facts.

When I look at the same evidence that Sander looked at, I see evidence that indicates the wondrous diversity among God’s creatures that he created on Days 5 and 6 of Creation just over 6,000 years ago.  He created some marine organisms to lay eggs like many fish do and others to give live birth like some fish and the now extinct aquatic reptiles.  On Day 6 when God turned His attention to creating land animals, He created some to lay eggs like many reptiles, amphibians and a few mammals.  For another group of mammals, He designed them with pouches with which to care and nurture their young and the rest He made to give live birth, including most mammals and some reptiles as there are a number of snakes that give live birth and others that lay eggs.

Yes, I admit that my ideas could be considered conjectures and theories based upon my presuppositional belief of origins.  In that context, there is absolutely no difference between what evolutionists like Sander do and what creationists like myself do.  We both interpret the facts based upon our own beliefs.  Sander and other evolutionists believe in billions of years of godless random chance that somehow evolved an orderly universe and orderly systems and living creatures.  I believe that God Almighty created the earth, the universe and everything in it as He told us He did in Genesis 1 and 2.

I choose to put my faith in the Word of God who is unchanging and incapable of lying.  Evolutionists place their faith in men who constantly change and frequently lie.  It seems like a no brainer to me, but evidently not so to the masses, which is why websites like Creation Revolution exist to share the truth about God’s Word and the universe He created.



Choi, Charles.  Earliest Mammals May Have Been Egg-Layers After All, Live Science, Aug. 16, 2012.

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