January 15


and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,                   1 Corinthians 2:4


The inward principle is a communication of God, a participation of the divine nature, Christ living in the heart, the Holy Spirit dwelling there in union with the facilities of the soul as an internal vital principle, exerting His own proper nature in the exercise of these facilities.  This is sufficient to show us why true grace should have such activity, power, and efficacy.  No wonder that which is divine is powerful and effectual; for it has omnipotence on its side.

If God dwells in the heart, and is vitally united to it, He will show that He is God by the efficacy of His operation.  Christ is not in the heart of a saint as in a sepulcher, or as a dead Savior who does nothing, but as in His temple, and as one who is alive from the dead.  For in the heart where Christ savingly is, there he lives, and exerts Himself after the power of his resurrection.  The Spirit of Christ, which is the immediate spring of grace in the heart, is all life, all power, all act.  Hence saving affections, though oftentimes they do not make so great a noise and show as others, yet have in them a secret solidity, life, and strength, whereby they take hold of and carry away the heart, leading it into a kind of captivity, gaining a full and steadfast determination of the will of God and holiness.


Devotions from the Pen of Jonathan Edwards


Jonathan Edwards, who is considered the finest theologian America has ever produced, was known for his logical mind and warm devotion to the Lord. His exposition of Scripture remains a source of powerful edification for the church. Here are 120 excerpts from this great preacher of the word presented in a daily devotional format.  Edwards certainly was an amazing philosopher and a great theologian, but his insights into God’s Word are also down to earth, practical, and devotional.  Each devotion is based on a Scripture verse and Edwards is always careful to draw your attention to the text to be fed by God’s Word, not by man’s thoughts and imaginations.

It is a good resource for personal devotions or as an introduction to the thought of Edwards.  You will find comfort for the soul, encouragement and exhortations for the heart, and practical instructions for the mind.

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