June 3


And he said to me, “What do you see?” I said, “I see, and behold,a lampstand all of gold, with a bowl on the top of it, and seven lamps on it, with seven lips on each of the lamps that are on the top of it.    Zechariah 4:2


Here ministers of the gospel are compared to those lamps that enlightened the temple at Jerusalem (cf. Revelation 1:16, 20).  These lamps have their oil from Christ, are kindled by His flames, and shine by His beams.  Being thus dependent on Him, they are near to Him, and are held in His right hand so that they may receive light from Him to communicate to others.  The use of light is threefold:

The first use of a light is to discover things or make them manifest.  Without light nothing is to be seen.  Ephesians 5:13: “Whatsoever doth make manifest is light.”  Ministers are sent to be lights to the souls of men, as they are to be the means of imparting divine truth to them.  They are to instruct men, and impart to them that knowledge by which they may know God and Jesus Christ.

Another use of light is to refresh and delight the beholders.  Darkness is dismal; the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is to behold the sun.  Spiritual light is especially refreshing and joyful (Psalm 97:11).  Ministers are sent as Christ was, and are co-workers with Him to be the instruments of leading souls to the God of all consolation, and fountain of their happiness.

The third use of light is to direct.  ‘Tis by light that we see where to go.  ‘Tis by light that men see what to do and are enabled to work; in the night, Christ tells us no man can work.  Ministers are sent to be the instruments of conveying to men that true wisdom spoken of, which cannot be gotten for gold, nor shall silver be weighed for the price thereof (Job 28).



Devotions from the Pen of Jonathan Edwards


Jonathan Edwards, who is considered the finest theologian America has ever produced, was known for his logical mind and warm devotion to the Lord. His exposition of Scripture remains a source of powerful edification for the church. Here are 120 excerpts from this great preacher of the word presented in a daily devotional format.  Edwards certainly was an amazing philosopher and a great theologian, but his insights into God’s Word are also down to earth, practical, and devotional.  Each devotion is based on a Scripture verse and Edwards is always careful to draw your attention to the text to be fed by God’s Word, not by man’s thoughts and imaginations.


It is a good resource for personal devotions or as an introduction to the thought of Edwards.  You will find comfort for the soul, encouragement and exhortations for the heart, and practical instructions for the mind.


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