By David Coppedge

Here are links to recent science findings and claims sure to stimulate thinking and further research.

What’s the use of elephant hair?  A paper in PLoS ONE finds that elephant hair dissipates heat.  PhysOrg and Live Science summarized it, saying this is the opposite of what some evolutionists predicted why hair evolved: i.e., to warm the body.

Epigenetic stress:  Nature commented on 11 Oct 2012 that stress makes an epigenetic mark on individual’s DNA, but that individuals handle stress differently.

Beastiaries and philosophy of science:  Caspar Henderson at New Scientist examined 13th-century“beastiaries” with their allegories and symbols, only to conclude that human fascination with bizarre animals hasn’t changed much.  Hume and Darwin supposedly dispensed with allegorical views of the world, but Henderson believes we are returning to it….


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