After posting an article that dealt the report of another human missing link, we received a comment from a gentleman that I wanted to address in today’s Feed Back.  I deals with the concept of microevolution and horses.

Australopithecus Sediba: Evolutionary Game Changer?

From: Vernon W

Evolution is only factual within a species. Eohippus was a small animal the size of a dog, it became the animal we know today as a horse. Biologically, they were the same animal. The Smilodon or Sabre-toothed cat was an ancestor of the housecats we see daily. What is lacking to establish evolution as a fact is a transitional species of which there are none.


Vernon, I appreciate your comment but wanted to touch on what you said about evolution within a species and your statement about Eohippus as the ancestor of today’s horses.

From your comment, it sounds as if you still believe in millions of years of evolution, but only within a species and not from one species to another.  If that is the case, you still have the problems of millions of years of disease and death before sin entered the world which completely undermines the message of the Cross.  See Christians Believing in Evolution and Wording in the King James Bible

It also gives credence to the idea of evolution in some form which generally leads one to a slippery slope of compromise.  This is the problem between the using the terms microevolution and macroevolution.  Macroevolution is the molecule to man theory while microevolution is used to explain the small changes we see within a species.  I have found that using the term microevolution tends to allow for the possibility of eventually accepting macroevolution.

Too many people confuse the processes often referred to as microevolution as actually being an evolutionary process when they have nothing to do with the theory of evolution.  That is why I prefer to use more accurate terms such as adaptation, natural selection and speciation, which again, have nothing to do with evolution and everything to do with Creation and Fall.  See: Natural Selection Slays Evolution! and Speciation, Biblical Knowledge and Symphonies.

I also would like to comment on your statement, Eohippus was a small animal the size of a dog, it became the animal we know today as a horse.

I honestly don’t believe that Eohippus was the first member of the horse species, but rather the deepest fossil unearthed connected to the horse kind.  When God created the original horse kind, He built into its genetic code all of the variations necessary for large, medium and small horses as well as horses with three two and one toe.  As the horses bred and spread out, these different traits would have been separated out in the many populations that resulted.

When a careful examination of the fossil record is conducted, one will find that the horse series does not follow a nice progression from small to large as evolutionists would like you to believe.  In fact, large and small, three, two and one toe horses all lived at the same time.  Some smaller horses with three toes have been found in fossil layers above where larger two and one toed horses have been found.

I wrote more detail about this in an earlier Feed Back – Horses and Ignorance – and strongly recommend you check it out.  I hope and pray this helps to explain my exception to your comment.

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