I can just see it now, July 4, 1776, a hot summer day in Philadelphia.  The delegates at the Continental Congress are about to sign their names to the most important document in the nation’s history when one of them stands up and tells the rest of the convention that they had better place a warning at the very beginning of the Declaration of Independence.  Fellow delegates turn in bewilderment and ask, “Say thou what?”  The first delegate then proceeds to explain that this document contains only their view of this time in history and that it may not reflect the same views of the nation down the road.  After the laughter died down, John Hancock boldly signs his name first and the rest get in line to do likewise.

Eleven years later, a similar delegation is meeting to draft a document to set the foundation to the government of the newly won nation.  Again, a delegate stands up and warns them that they had better put a warning at the top of the Constitution, telling everyone that would read it that while it reflects the will of the people at this point in time, it might not mean the same thing 200 years later.  This time, the delegation is not as easily amused by the rantings of the mad delegate and lambaste him with the facts that this document is to be set as the foundation for the United States of America for all time and if anyone thinks otherwise, they will be charged and tried with treason.

These scenes may sound a little far fetched but in fact they reflect the reality of what a U.S. publishing company is doing.  Wilder Publications, in Radford, VA, has recently published a book that contains the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, The Federalist Papers and other documents from our Founding Fathers.  In their book, they have placed the following warning:

Constitution Warning Label from Wilder Publication

Can you imagine how some of the Founding Fathers would react to see such a warning placed on our nation’s most important documents?  What about the thousands of men and women who sacrificed their lives to secure and protect the Christian foundations of America?  How would they feel to learn that the values they fought and died for have not only been trampled on, but have become worthy of such a dangerous warning to those who will read these documents?

We’ve seen the political, moral, and spiritual decay of America in the past century, and we’ve all felt concerned by what we see.  However, did any of you even consider the decline to be so great as to require such a warning to be placed on our founding documents?

  • No wonder the courts are redefining the Constitution and the laws of the land.
  • No wonder our politicians are claiming the role of God in determining what our inalienable rights will be.
  • No wonder our children don’t know American history, but do know where to get condoms at their pubic schools.
  • No wonder virtually every religion except Christianity is tolerated and promoted.
  • No wonder America reads like Romans 1:18-32.

Have you read the last half of Romans 1 lately?  Three times, God says that He has turned the people over to unnatural lusts and desires because not only do they do those things, but they approve of those that do.  Sounds like America today doesn’t it?

Do you realize that if you read this and do nothing about it that you are giving your approval of those that do the sinful things listed in Romans 1.  The Church’s silence has allowed the moral and spiritual decay of America to occur and to bring us to this stage of judgment.

As alarming as the Wilder Publication’s warning is, Christians can turn it around from how Wilder intended it to mean and use it to teach your children how much American has declined and turned away from God.  Use the documents and words of our Founding Fathers to help teach them the truths about America’s biblical foundation such as all men are created equal and that they believed that marriage was one man and one woman.  Teach your children how important Christian values were in the forming of our nation.  And then help show them that we all can make a difference and work towards turning our nation back to God.

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