Many people wonder why we write about the UFO phenomenon. Isn’t it just a ‘side issue’? But in fact, it’s so important to oppose this particular belief, because ET belief is quickly becoming the world’s most scientifically acceptable false religion and a major stumbling block to Christianity. And although some of its adherents are serious followers, the reality is, that polls show that belief in UFOs is mainstream and held by the average ‘Joe’ in the street. For example, a CNN/Time Magazinepoll in 1997, found, among other things that;

  • 80% believe that the government is hiding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms
  • 64% believe aliens have contacted humans
  • 50% believe that aliens have abducted humans
  • 93% have never been abducted
  • 75% believe that a UFO crashed near Roswell

So, in one sense, the majority of the population believes that UFOs are real physical craft piloted by beings from other planets. Does that make them adherents in the religious sense? The purpose of this article is to sound a clarion call that such beliefs make people vulnerable to further and possibly deeper deception. This is why it is important to place all of our thinking on the Bible, and not be misled into thinking that because the universe is so big, that there must be extraterrestrial life on other planets. Our view that God did not create life on other planets has even made us relatively unpopular among Christian friends. However, as this issue affects the veracity of God’s Word, and is indeed, a salvation issue, we have been careful drawing a strong, careful exegetical and historical picture from the Bible. Many are worried that real ET visitations might falsify the Bible if we are wrong. While such motives might be sincere, we should not be concerned that the Bible should be falsified as to its truth claims—particularly if we are claiming it is the very Word of God….

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