Two questions skeptics frequently ask regarding the Flood narrative found in the Book of Genesis are the following: 1) How did Noah and his seven companions aboard the ark take care of all those animals? 2) Where did all the waters go when the surface of the Earth dried up after the Flood? These are reasonable questions that deserve reasonable answers.

As to how Noah and his small family fed and cleaned up after the animals aboard the ark, a plausible explanation may be found in the two natural phenomena known as hibernation and estivation. Hibernation, as is common knowledge, is that special state of unconsciousness into which animals slip during extended periods of harsh climatic conditions, such as extreme cold. The counterpart to this is estivation (also spelled aestivation), which occurs in regions of the world where the weather becomes unbearably hot. As with hibernation, estivating animals slip into a state of unconscious torpor, during which they neither eat nor produce bodily wastes….

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