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According to evangelist Mark Cahill, “The number one answer I get for there not being a God … is evolution”

Tools of Satan?

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by Dominic Statham

According to evangelist Mark Cahill, “The number one answer I get for there not being a God … is evolution”

According to evangelist Mark Cahill, “The number one answer I get for there not being a God … is evolution”

In some feedback by R.S. to Philip Bell’s recent article Perils of Theistic Evolution, it was argued that the preaching of theistic evolution is being used by Satan to destroy the Christian faith. Mark M. of the UK disagrees. His email is reproduced below, interspersed with a response by Dominic Statham.

But how do you really know that Satan is using those who are theistic evolutionists and not those who are young earth creationists? After all he is a deceptive one.

Indeed; and from the beginning, Satan’s strategy has been to ask “Did God say?” (Genesis 3:1). He is saying the same today and many people are listening. More and more prefer to believe the world’s view of origins rather than the plain teaching of the Bible.

Jesus said, “By their fruit you will know them” (Matthew 7:20). This surely applies to the fruit of a person’s teaching as well as that of their personal life. Jesus made this clear to the Pharisees, particularly in respect of their rejection of the ministry of John the Baptist: “John came to you to show you the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and the prostitutes did. And even after you saw this, you did not repent and believe him” (Matthew 21:32). Philip Bell’s article makes clear that evolution undermines some of the most important Christian truths. This is hardly good fruit.

The simple fact is that many, many people who would come to know Christ do not and will not purely because they are put off by YECism. Many others raised as creationists leave the church daily because of it….

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  • Seymour Kleerly

    Remember to keep your ears covered, eyes shut and that anyone with a different opinion is Satan! It’s the time honored, fool proof cornerstone of INDOCTRINATION.

    • edc

      You describe yourself.

      • Seymour Kleerly

        I don’t believe in anti-science, child hood fairy tales in the least. Only early indoctrination could achieve that in a normal human. Did you know that Muslims believe that Mohammad assended to heaven physically and that Christ was born of a VIRGIN? When do you think they were taught that malarky? As adults? Certainly not after they’d learned basic Biology, and Physics.

        • Tout

          Nobody is obliged to belief or know the truth. But it certainly is good to learn the truth. A group of bombers was send to a place in Italy during WW II. As they approached their target, a monk appeared in the sky, with outstretched arms. All pilots saw the same vision. So the leader, who saw it also, gave order to turn back. They dropped their bombs in some fields. After returning, they all testified with the same story. Their superior couldn’t accept it. The leader only was punished with a few months in a mental hospital. Later, when Americans liberated that place, some pilots were led to a church where a Mass would begin. When the celebrant(priest) came up to say the Mass, the pilots recognized him as the person who stopped them. That priest(padre Pro) received the 5 wounds: in both hands, both feet and in his side. He died in 1969. Want to see a miracle, go to Guadalupe, Mexico-city. The other one in the North of South-America. And 2 or 3 in Europe. Scientists are unable to explain them. Read the studies about them. Or learn about the numbers of persons in the English nobility who became Catholics; some were rejected by their parents, no longer had right to their inheritance. Of course, one can always say “I don’t believe”. Until after death. Choose wisely, but study..

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