by Brian Thomas, M.S.

Would God give us a body part that we don’t need?

Frequently, we face creation versus evolution choices in life, even though we are not always fully informed about the scientific facts that support biblical creation. Why? Because many choices in life don’t wait for all the facts.

Consider that years ago surgeons routinely removed tonsils. Many in the medical community viewed tonsils as nothing more than leftover nuisance organs, while parents viewed them as the source of a great deal of pain to their child (and children viewed them as an opportunity to trade for a bonanza of Neopolitan ice cream!). However, the evolution-based trend of elective tonsillectomies was discredited as a tragic fad of bad assumptions leading to bad conclusions—and led to many weakened immune systems. Tonsils and adenoids are not vestigial leftovers from a process of animals morphing into humans. Rather, tonsils and adenoids are valuable members of the human lymphatic (immune) system. Like fingers, you can survive without them. But unless they become dangerously infected—like gangrenous fingers—there is no good medical science reason to “amputate” them.1

As a matter of logic, a perfect Creator wouldn’t put parts into our bodies that we don’t need. Some of those facing tonsillectomies years ago elected to keep their tonsils for that reason—they believed tonsils were helpful body parts, to be appreciated and conserved for life—even before they learned relevant medical science facts about tonsils and adenoids. And later science eventually proved the evolutionist tonsil-bashers wrong.

We often face dilemmas that force us to test our creationist thinking, to make practical decisions before we learn the relevant science facts. We are tested by what we know, now, and also by what we should know, based upon our opportunities to learn. If we ignore or suppress the true facts—including what we actually know and what we should know—when we are put to the test, we do so “without excuse” (Romans 1:20)….

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