Strange as it seems, large sauropods of the Titanosaur variety have been found in Antarctica.  This is the highest latitude sauropod ever found.  It means that the large reptiles inhabited every continent; they walked the globe.

A short article on New Scientist describes how Ignacio Cerda from the National University of Comahue in Argentina uncovered the fossil on James Ross Island, about 700 miles from Cape Horn, Argentina.  He surmises that the beasts got there on an ancient isthmus that connected the island to South America.  A previous post by PhysOrg about this discovery calls it an “advanced titanosaur.”

The PhysOrg article states, “Although they were one of the most widespread and successful species of sauropod dinosaurs, their origin and dispersion are not completely understood.”

What did they eat, ice?  Think of the tons of plant material these giant animals require.  No such large plant-eaters inhabit Antarctica today.  Finds like this speak of a very different world.  It doesn’t require millions of years to change the world; just sufficient hydraulic energy….

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