Carl Wieland chats with Helmut Hahn, the “shell man” of British Columbia

The natural world is full of wondrous beauty that defies evolutionary explanations

“My mission”, said Helmut Hahn when we spoke, “is to bring people to the realization that there is a God, and that He is the miracle-working God of the Bible. I do this from the intricacies of nature. Like it says in Romans 1:20, God can be clearly seen in these things.”

To do this, Helmut uses his splendid collection of seashells. Born in Austria in 1923, he was once a lieutenant in Hitler’s navy, and has worked as a welder, high-school teacher, research technician and inventor of a pipe-welding system. He first began giving his shell presentations in schools nearly 30 years ago, some 10 years after he started collecting shells in earnest. Since then, Helmut’s presentations have developed to include churches, and also other community groups and institutions. “Sadly”, he said, “in the last few years, even the mention of creation in Canada’s schools is unwelcome.”

Helmut chose this article’s title because, he believes, “it’s important not just to talk about the skill of the Creator1—as a technical man, that fascinates me—but about the amazing beauty out there, too, His aesthetic sense.”…

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