Maybe young-earth creationists should sometimes just ‘shut up’? …

Shortly after taking my assigned seat for a three-hour flight, I was surprised when the gentleman sitting next to me suddenly asked, “Why are you reading that?”

He was referring to a page of Hebrew print which I’d brought with me. I explained to him that I had hopes of catching up on my homework for an introductory course in Hebrew language that I was doing at the time.

“May I see it?” he asked, and, taking the page of Hebrew script from me, began reading it aloud. It was Genesis chapter 1, and he read it fluently, without any hesitation, just like my Hebrew language teacher. I was astonished.

“You know Hebrew!” I said, impressed.

“Oh yes,” he replied, “but tell me, why are you interested in learning Hebrew?”

Wondering if this might be a ministering opportunity, I said:

“I’m a Christian, and much of the Bible was originally written in Hebrew, hence my interest.”

“My brother in Christ!” beamed my travelling companion, “Oh how wonderful it is—the Lord has brought us together for this flight—what a wonderful time of fellowship we’ll have!” His joy was genuine, and as the conversation unfolded, Edwin1 explained how his love for the Lord had resulted in him enrolling at Bible College (which is where he had learnt Hebrew), going on to become a Lecturer in New Testament Studies at a mainstream theological seminary….

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