Our downhill genetic slide fits the biblical creation timeline

Many evolutionary biologists say they can’t understand how creationists, “even rational ones with Ph.D.s in biology”,1 can deny evolution when “we see evolution happening in front of our eyes”. To them, the easily observable genetic changes in today’s populations of living things are an ‘obvious’ demonstration that microbes-to-man evolution is a fact. Just give it enough time, they say, and these observable little changes would accumulate, and, filtered by natural selection, would eventually add up to the big changes that turned pond scum into people, etc.

Sounds logical enough. So where’s the error?

The issue is not the amount of change we observe, but the direction.2 The observable changes that evolutionists cite as evidence for their paradigm, such as in sticklebacks,3 bighorn sheep,4 Atlantic cod,5 pollution-resistant worms,6 and antibiotic and pesticide resistance,7,8,9 are all going the wrong way. They’re the direct opposite of what microbes-to-man evolution requires.

Adding up these ‘downhill’ changes can never result in the ‘uphill’ evolutionary frog-to-prince progression.

Furthermore, time will not solve the problem—in fact, the more time you have, the worse the problem gets. Time is no friend of evolution! To use an analogy from commerce, if a grocery store continues to make a net loss of $1 per day, then time will not ever result in a profit, but ultimately bankruptcy.

Sadly, that’s just where we’re headed biologically, as our increasing knowledge of the human genome attests.

Relentless mutational degradation

Renowned geneticist and inventor of the gene gun, Dr John Sanford,10 in his landmark book Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome, highlights the problem.11 The relentless net effect of random mutations (which evolutionists suppose to be the ‘engine’ of evolution) is actually degradation or complete destruction of function….

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