North America’s Oldest Inhabitants Found in Texas

From: Howard E.

Where dose the existence of dinosaurs fit in with the timelines given in this article. If the age of the earth is only 6000yrs. or even 16,000yrs?

The Bible does not even mention them in the scriptures.

I am a firm and devout believer in the Bible but I don’t believe the Bible can be used for accurate descriptions of timelines. I believe many thousands of years existed before the time Man came on the scene.  There is really no way of deciphering how many years the earth existed before the time of the dinosaurs and Man. There is no record of dinosaurs in the pre-flood era or after but we do know that they did exist from the fossil records.  Remember, the Lord said that a thousand years is as a day to the lord which to me is just an example of timing according to the Bible. I don’t believe (one day) as in creation is literal. One day could have been many thousands of years between the creation-days. Of course this is just my thinking and always has been.


Howard.  Thank you for your comments and questions.  I pray you will find this response to be adequate and informative.

First of all, this article was pointing out the problems with the dating method used by the team studying the artifacts that were found at the Texas site.  It rejected the 15, 500 year old date because of the biblical age of the earth being about 6,000 years old.

Secondly, the Bible never mentioned dinosaurs because the word ‘dinosaur’ wasn’t coined until 1841.  Prior to that time people used other terms such as dragon, serpent and monster.  There are dragon legends the world over and many of them yield very similar descriptions to what we know as dinosaurs.  For more information on dinosaurs and dragons and the Bible click on the link here; this will take you to a number of articles on our site that will answer your questions.

Next your use of the 2 Peter 3:8 verse to question the accuracy of a literal young earth interpretation of Creation is not a valid use of this verse.  Dr. Jonathan Sarfati provides an excellent response to this in his article 2 Peter 3:8—‘one day is like a thousand years’

Lastly, I would like to ask you 2 questions which I have asked so many people over the years.  Why is it that so many people question the length of a day in Genesis 1 & 2 but no where else in Scripture?  Secondly, if you believe the Bible to be the Word of God, given to man so that man could know God, then why would God intentionally use ambiguous language to confuse us as in Genesis 1 and 2?

The answer to the second question is that it defies God’s nature to mislead us on historical facts.  Yes, He does use some language that is difficult to understand in places like Daniel and Revelation, but these instances are not historical narrative like what is found in Genesis.  If God meant to convey an indefinite period of time or vast ages, there are plenty of Hebrew terms that He could have used.  Instead, He used clear and concise terms to indicate six literal 24 hour days.  I strongly suggest you read James Stambaugh’s article on the Days of Creation.

The answer to the first question can only point to the belief in millions of years, a concept developed by men to help them deny our Creator God.  By denying God they believe they will not have to be accountable to Him.  Questioning the length of Creation is placing the ideas of fallible men over the words of an infallible God.  We should never allow non-biblical beliefs to be the basis of understanding biblical truths.

If you can’t accept God’s Word as being true and accurate in Genesis 1, then how can you believe the accuracy of the Gospel message of Jesus death on the Cross and resurrection?  They are both historical narratives.  If one is questioned for accuracy then all other similar narratives must also be questioned.

If the historicity of Genesis 1-3 is not accurate, then the message of the Cross is also inaccurate and Christianity collapses.  The reason for Jesus earthly life, death and resurrection is based upon the first three chapters of Genesis.  Jesus quoted from this section of Genesis and considered it as true history.  If it wasn’t true, then Jesus is a liar and He could not have been the Son of God and we have placed in our faith in a hollow promise.

Many people do not comprehend the importance of the first chapters of Genesis and its foundation to the rest of the Bible.  Sadly, a number of atheists do understand the foundational importance of Genesis which is why they work so hard to undermine it and cause so many Christians to question it.  I beg you not to allow them to influence your understanding of Scripture.  Start with God’s Word first and then look at the world around you, instead of looking at the world around you first and use that to interpret God’s Word.

How Old Are Those Bones?

From: Nancy

This is something I never think too hard about. Whatever happened, it was part of God’s plan, and that’s all that’s important.


Nancy.  Thank you for writing and sending in your comment.  However, I have take exception to your statement.  Please allow me to explain.

Over the past fifty years, all the polls indicate that evolution and belief in millions of years is the number one reason why so many people have rejected Christianity.  In interview after interview, many of these people relate that when they were Christians they believed as you do.  I can’t tell you how many former Christians have told me that they started out believing that how or when God created really didn’t matter but that the message of the Cross was the only thing that counted.  When they were confronted with secular evolution, they could not defend their faith and eventually succumbed to a religion of naturalism.

1 Peter 3:15-16 admonishes us to be able to defend our faith:

15But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, 16 having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame.

Therefore we are commanded to be able to defend our faith.  Since evolution and million of years is the number one attack used against the Bible and Christianity, we are obligated to study what the Bible says about origins and Creation.  Otherwise, when you try to witness to someone who firmly believes in evolution and challenges your faith, you will find yourself failing in your defense and like so many before you, may slide down the slope of unbelief without realizing it.

Thinking about Creation and the age of the earth and what the Bible says can make the difference not only for your eternal soul but that of someone else.  About ten years ago I was working at a prominent creation ministry when I received a three page hand written letter form a man who identified himself as Ed.  Ed wrote that he was 92 years old and had been a staunch atheist and evolutionist most all his life. That summer, Ed’s 10 year old granddaughter and 8 year old grandson had come to spend several weeks with him.  They were always talking about the Bible and wanted their grandpa to read it to them.  Ed was not about to read the Bible to his grandkids.  Instead, he set out to destroy the faith of the two young kids.  He turned to his grandson and according to Ed, fired my first and best shot at them, and asked them where did Cain get his wife?  He wrote that his 10 year old granddaughter climbed up on his lap and read a small booklet to him titled: Who was Cain’s wife? This only made Ed more angry and he nearly shouted at them, Well what about dinosaurs and the Bible? At this, his 8 year old grandson took his place on Ed’s lap and read him the booklet What about dinosaurs?.  Ed wrote that this was the first time that anyone had ever been able to give him answers to those two questions and he just couldn’t get the topic out of his mind.  Several days later, he knelt down in his bedroom and prayed to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  He said he is so thankful that his grandkids were able to give answers to defend their faith.  (I always get emotional when I recall this letter.  If you recall Matthew 20:1-16 which is the parable of the worker hired at the eleventh hour who was paid the same wages as those who worked the entire day, 92 year old Ed is that worker hired at the eleventh hour.  He received the same saving grace that every other believing Christian has.)

Nancy, are you prepared to give answers to someone like Ed?  Or will you be like all the rest of those he had confronted over the years and fail to defend your Creator God?

Lastly, your views on Creation are very important to your full understanding of the redemptive word of Christ.  Please see my response to Howard E. in the Saturday Feed Back posted April 9, 2011 for more on the importance of the relationship of Creation and the Gospel.

I pray that this will impress upon you that this is a matter that you not only need to think about but also need to study enough to be able to give a defense of your faith and be able to give answers to others like Ed.

12 Year Old Super Genius Out to Disprove Big Bang

From: Dresden

“Evolution teaches that early man was primitive and stupid.”
That’s not true. Each one of the species have the right amount of intelligence for their environmental, predatory or social conditions. There are no “stupid” or “primitive” creatures in evolution.


Dresden. Thank you for sharing your comment about the evolutionary impression of the mental capabilities of early man.

In reality, your response supports my statement.  By claiming that each species (I presume you are referring to the various evolutionary classified hominids) had the right amount of intelligence for their environment and social condition is already presuming a standard much lower than ours today.  You infer the environment was less developed and early man’s social skills were less developed meaning that they did not need to be any smarter.

The logic of your statement is self deprecating and fully supports the evolutionary model of primitive and stupid beings.  From Darwin’s Descent of Man to modern day, evolution portrays early man as not having the same level of intelligence as modern humans.  Evolutionary literature is rife with such depictions.  When referring to ‘ancient’ man, evolutionists use the term ‘primitive’ as frequently as a fire and brimstone preacher uses the term ‘sinner’.  They depict early man as slumped over hairy people wearing shaggy animal skins grunting at each other and pointing toward some distant object or animal.  The standard drawing that shows the progression of ape to man also supports this idea.

Don’t you think if these evolutionary ancestors possessed the say level of intelligence as we do that they would have made a few changes to their living conditions and lifestyle?  But since they were suppose to be primitive and therefore less intelligent, they weren’t’ able to make such changes after all.

I truly to thank you for inadvertently supporting my statement as made in the article.

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