Eric R. from the UK writes in response to Termite mounds: cities in miniature. Comments from CMI’s Shaun Doyle are interspersed:

Dear Eric,

Thank you for your email. My comments are interspersed below.

Termites are indeed interesting ground dwelling social insects of which there are around 3000 species grouped into 7 or so families. My question is how did Noah manage to collect samples of each of these species, particularly those from USA, Australia, South America and Asia?

He didn’t have to. Termites, like other insects, didn’t need to be on the Ark—only land-dwelling vertebrates did (the Bible restricts it to land-dwelling creatures that breathed through ‘nostrils’—which only vertebrates have). Small, robust creatures such as termites could have survived in floating log mats, for example.

Nevertheless, Noah didn’t have to collect any animals for the ark—God brought them all to the Ark (Genesis 6:20)….

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