Why trying to avoid the topic of evolution won’t work.

The Komodo dragon

I was recently reading about The Komodo dragon; a frightening creature. It’s the world’s largest lizard1, living mainly on the isles of Komodo and Rinca in Indonesia. An ambush predator, it will attack large prey (including humans) without hesitation, inflicting horrendous wounds with large serrated teeth. Many larger victims survive the initial attack only to die later on.

The long held belief that toxic bacteria in the Komodo’s mouths are responsible for ultimately killing its prey has been described as a ‘scientific fairy tale’2 now that it is known they have a venomous bitewhich may send a victim into shock.

The most terrifying aspect of its behavior is that even if the Komodo’s initial attack isn’t fatal it will continue to tirelessly pursue its prey until its victim is exhausted. Creatures far more agile may run ahead and stop for a rest, thinking they are safe, only to see the relentless dragon off in the distance closing in for the kill.

Komodo Dragons have been known to follow wounded prey at a leisurely pace for weeks. It is only a matter of time before the creature collapses, too weak to fight, and is often eaten alive.

The dragon of doubt—evolution

Similarly and analogously, I believe there is a stealthy and powerful concept stalking the corridors of many of our Christian churches, schools, homes and minds. It acts like the mighty dragon of old, the one that tempted Eve with a powerful concept; “Did God actually say … ?”4 This dragon manifests itself by causing doubt, weakening the ability of the believer to stand on God’s word, defend it properly or proclaim it boldly.

It seeks to paralyze its victims, poisoning them with confusion, leaving them weak and unable to properly defend themselves. Running won’t help, it is a relentless concept promoted everywhere in western society. The concept of evolution …

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