This week features questions on Islam and Judaism. CMI’s Dr David Catchpoole and Dr Jonathan Sarfati respond.

N.O. from Sweden writes:

Best CMI

I recently read the article ‘The Koran vs Genesis’ by David Catchpoole,[1] and became somewhat confused by it. I hope you can answer some questions which rose up in my head after I read the article.

Catchpoole’s article tells the story of a young woman who converted to Islam. I have difficulties to understand the young woman’s question; she says that ‘[human] bodies are unclean!’ Is this statement based on Islamic or Christian beliefs about the human being? It is not explained in the article. The next sentence is also difficult to understand; ‘Why would God, who is pure, sully himself by coming down to Earth in human form?’ After all, it is one of the cornerstones of Christianity that Jesus became human, so what’s the matter? How could this woman abandon the Christian faith? In my opinion, it is a very sad story.

Another thing which I wonder about is an older letter by Derel Briarley, printed in the Journal of Creation,[2] which mention a tribe that is described in the Koran, and it also talk about God (of the Bible, I presume). What is that article talking about (I have difficulties to understand)?

But, why are Muslims so hostile against Christians? By the way, you often say that the Koran was written hundreds of years after the New Testament. How can we know this? And, are there any other good arguments we can use to defend our faith against attack from Muslims?

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