by Tom Willis

The greatest proof of evolution is, and always has been, “The Proof from Homology!” Similarity between cats, dogs and whales (they all suckle their young and are called mammals) is proof they had a common ancestor with that attribute. This is the proof from “structural homology.” We’ve had to endure it for over 150 years, and really for over 2000 years. Today, we have “new and even more scientific proofs:” Chemical similarity, molecular similarity, DNA similarity, etc., ad nauseum.  Homology is nearly always coupled closely with “Ranking,” the idea that lining up similar animals in a row somehow proves that the one on the left sired all the ones on the right. We’ll only have room for homology this month.

One joy of Bible study is the consistency with which it predicts the behavior of God’s enemies. In Romans 1:22 we read that those who refuse to see and act on the obvious evidence of God’s activity are described as “professing themselves wise they became fools.” In 2Thess 2:11 we read that God gives a gift of delusion [separation from reality] to those who refuse to love the truth. Nowhere are these “risky predictions” more obviously confirmed than in the watching of “well-educated” people actually advocate evidence for evolution. It is my thesis in the book, Real Scientists Just Say NO!, that all proofs of evolution illustrate these prophecies, by each of them manifesting a set of similar attributes. Using homology, I’ll illustrate some common characteristics of the great proofs of evolution:….

The Proof Never Employs Any Accepted Proof Method Everyone knows that cats and whales inherit similar features from mommy and daddy cats and whales. That is not evolution.  Evolution means that cats and whales inherited their mammary glands from a common ancestor with mammary glands while developing radically different structures elsewhere in their body.  Here is a summary of man’s best proof methods: Homology as a proof of evolution is supported by none:

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