by Shane Cessna

Warning: this review may contain ‘spoilers’.

Many science-fiction movies raise questions about our origins to set the stage for the story they want to present us. Prometheus is no exception. Director Ridley Scott, of Alien and Blade Runnerfame, creates a groundbreaking mythology in which a team of space explorers follow clues to the creation of mankind on earth. It leads them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe, where they are thrust into a horrific battle to preserve mankind.

Prometheus does have some outstanding CGI effects and regardless of some questionable fundamental premises, it has a highly entertaining story. No doubt it will add to Scott’s already impressive array of blockbuster movies.

Prometheus begins by showing an Eden-like earth replete with beautiful mountains, forests and oceans. In the opening scene, a humanoid alien is seen standing near the top of a waterfall watching the ‘mother ship’ leave earth. The alien drinks a black wormy liquid from a vial and goes into a convulsive fit. The alien quickly deteriorates and falls into the waterfall leaving only its DNA behind.

Fast-forwarding to the year 2089, in a remote cave in Scotland, a Christian archaeologist, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, makes an earth-shattering discovery. A 35,000 year-old cave painting depicts a giant humanoid creature with several smaller humans bowing down to it and six small circles. Dr. Shaw deduces that prehistoric cavemen were visited by these aliens who showed them where their ‘makers’ came from.

Four years later, Shaw and her team travel to a distant moon on a spaceship called Prometheus in search of mankind’s origins. The expedition is funded by an extremely wealthy corporation owned by an elderly entrepreneur named Peter Weyland. Prior to boarding the ship, the crew members meet to watch a holographic video of Mr. Weyland who indicates to them that he’s always pondered three big questions throughout his life. Where did we come from? What about the origin of humankind? What’s our purpose in life? It’s at this point the movie really reveals its religious agenda….


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