EXCERPT Dr. Rene’ Lopez, author of the book, The Jesus Family Tomb Examined: Did Jesus Rise Physically?, has graciously granted permission to ABR to publish Chapter 10 of this important and well-researched book. This is the first part of a three part online article. Concerning this book, Dr. Darrell Bock writes: “This work by Rene A. Lopez covers the issues range from every angle: archeological, historical, and theological. Rene has gone through the many discussions these claims have generated, giving them a close look. He is well equipped to guide one through the myriad of questions these claims have raised. This is the book to get on the Jesus Tomb claims. In it, you will be able to assess what the discussion is about. I commend the book with enthusiasm. I think you will discover a great deal in the process.”

People who believe in a physical Resurrection would not be affected by the discovery of Jesus bone box…. With respect to his Ascension to heaven, the New Testament also does not tell us that its chroniclers believed that Jesus, when he ascended, needed to take his entire body with him. So if you believe in a physical Ascension, the ossuary is a problem. But if you believe in a spiritual one, it becomes an object of veneration.1

Most scholars have admitted that early witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection believed they really saw Him alive after He had died.2 But these scholars differ on how they explain what the witnesses saw. They attempt to explain the Resurrection in one of three ways: the natural view, the supernatural view, and the agnostic view.3 The agnostic view pleads ignorance to what early witnesses saw, while the other two views are each subdivided into two categories….

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