America is in one royal mess and everyone knows it.  It doesn’t matter which political party you adhere to, everyone agrees that we are in a world of hurt.

Actor Kirk Cameron looked at America today and wondered what went wrong.  He’s heard so many people saying that America wasn’t founded on Christian or biblical principles and that our forefathers had no intention of establishing a Christian nation.  So he set out to study the true history of the first American settlers, the Pilgrims, who sailed to America on the Mayflower.  He traveled to England to learn the real facts and what he found is amazing to say the least.

Cameron filmed his exploits, what he learned and just recently released it on DVD.  The epic expose is titled Monumental: In Search of America’s Greatest Treasure.  After watching the video, I believe this could be THE most important and influential film of our day.  Every single family in America must watch this video.  More importantly, every politician in America must see it also.

After tracing the history of the Pilgrims and seeing the successful way of life they established in America, Cameron asks Marshall Foster if they left us a recipe of how to build a free society with the same morals, values and liberties as the Puritans did.  Foster tells him that the recipe has been left and takes him to the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

This monument was concepted around 1820 and planned in the 1850s.  They started construction in 1859 and finished the monument in 1888.  It stands 150 feet tall and contains 180 tons of granite.  In fact, it is the largest granite monument in America and most Americans have never heard of it.

I watched the video a couple times and tried to paraphrase the description of it, but always fell short of conveying all that the monument teaches.  Therefore, I am including the dialog from the film.  While you may get the gist of the monument from the dialog, it will mean so much more when you see the many parts and faces of the monument as they are being described.

I hope and pray that if you find this transcript inspiring, that you realize that there is so much more to the video than just this short section and you make it a priority to obtain a copy for yourself.

Kirk Cameron: I wish – – I wish they had left us some kind of a training manual.  Some kind of a secret sauce recipe card that we could pick up and go, ‘Alright, here’s what it is.  Here’s what we do.  What do we do?  How do we get back to that.”

Marshall Foster: When the children of Israel were going into the Promised Land, they crossed the Jordan River and God stood it on end and they walked across.  And before the waters stopped parting, God told them to take 12 stones from the bottom of the river and put it up on the top of Mount Gilgal, and make a monument so that when you children ask, ‘What are these stones?” you’ll be able to tell them, “This is where God parted the sea.”  And that’s what the Pilgrims left us.  They left us a monument that not only gives tribute to what was accomplished here, but it gives us a specific strategy, a breakout of a blueprint of, if we would ever forget what made America great, what made us free, we could go back and follow that strategy.  And it’s right up on a hill a half mile from here (grave of William Bradford.)

Approaching the National Monument to the Forefathers

Kirk: This thing is huge.

Marshall: It’s 180 tons of solid granite.  It’s the largest granite monument in America.  And it’s hidden on a hilltop overlooking Plymouth, in a residential neighborhood.

Kirk: I’ve never heard of this.

Marshall: Hardly anybody in America known about it, and yet the people of America put this together over a 70-year period, paid for by the Congress, paid for by the state legislature in Massachusetts, as a strategy laid out, called the Matrix of Liberty, that was given to us by the forefathers, by the Pilgrims.  And they, those 130 years ago, when they built this, wanted to leave this behind for us so if we would ever forget how liberty is built, we would know what to do re regain it.

Kirk: This is how they did it.

Marshall: This is how they did it.  Now, if someone else wants to try another way, which is what’s happening today in America—we’re trying 1,000 ways to turn America around.  But this is the only way it was done.  This is it.  The only successful strategy of liberty that has ever been carried out in the history of mankind.  Well, let’s walk through it.  Let’s take this strategy apart.  What does this mean?  What are they trying to tell us here?

Kirk: So where do you start?….


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