Dr Joel Primack of the University of California, Santa Cruz and Dr Anatoly Klypin of New Mexico State University teamed together to create the Bolshoi supercomputer simulation of the universe.

The new Bolshoi simulation supposedly traces the complete evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the present.  Among the things the simulation depicted was the development and dispersal of dark matter halos which evolutionists believe were the birth places of galaxies.

According to Dr Primack, professor of physics:

In one sense, you might think the initial results are a little boring, because they basically show that our standard cosmological model works.  What’s exciting is that we now have this highly accurate simulation that will provide the basis for lots of important new studies in the months and years to come.

And according to Dr Klypin, professor of astronomy:

These huge cosmological simulations are essential for interpreting the results of ongoing astronomical observations and for planning the new large surveys of the universe that are expected to help determine the nature of the mysterious dark energy.

If you notice, they programmed the simulation to show them what they already believed.  So when it gave them the results they wanted to verify their theories, they celebrated and patted each other on the back for a job well done.  However, if you program something with false assumptions upon which your theories are based, you shouldn’t be surprised to get results that verify your false theories.

I remember my first computer programming class in the 1970’s.  Our professor told us the basic premise of computer programming was GIGO (garbage in garbage out).  He taught us that you can make a computer program give you virtually any result you want if you program it with the right information to begin with.

A major part of the Bolshoi simulation was based upon the existence of dark matter and dark energy, neither of which have ever been observed or proven.  Other recent studies have questioned the existence of dark matter (Dwarf Galaxies Dismantle Dark Matter Theory).

But it’s no surprise that the simulation run by Dr. Primack was built around dark matter since he was one of the co-creators of the theory and term.  I had the opportunity to talk to Dr Primack at a conference a few years ago and I asked him about dark matter and how he felt about the overwhelming lack of evidence for it.  He told me that it had to be there as there was no other explanation for the structure of the universe.  As soon as I started to suggest that instead of dark matter that God upholds the universe, Dr Primack got very indignant and told me that God wasn’t a possibility as there was no proof to support it.  I quickly reminded him that there was no proof for dark matter either, he got angry, reiterated that he chose to believe in dark matter since it was real and walked away.

And there you have it.  Dr Primack and his colleagues choose to believe in dark matter because they believe it to be real and obviously do not believe that God is real.  They deny God because of a lack of evidence, yet continue to believe in dark matter in spite of a lack of evidence.

That means that the Bolshoi supercomputer simulation of the universe is based on their belief system, which others in their field are starting to doubt.  They programmed their beliefs into the simulation and hailed the results for proving their beliefs right.  And if their beliefs are wrong, which I obviously think they are, then their simulation is not as accurate as they are claiming, is it?


Scientists Release Most Accurate Simulation of the Universe to Date, Science Daily, Sept. 30, 2011.

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