Hoaxes abound in the efforts of evolutionists to provide proof of the alleged molecules-to-man evolutionary scenario.1 They are also plentiful in show business. One of the more bizarre episodes, involving both these aspects, is the Minnesota Iceman mystery, which occurred in the U.S.A. during the late 1960s and early 1970s.2

In December 1968, Dr Bernard Heuvelmans, a Belgian cryptozoologist visiting the U.S.A.,3 and Ivan T. Sanderson, an American zoologist, heard of an exhibit which had been shown on the U.S. carnival circuit in 1967–68, claimed by its showman, a Mr Frank Hansen, to be the ‘missing link’ between humans and apes. On December 17, 1968 the two zoologists inspected the exhibit in a trailer-truck at Hansen’s home at Rollingstone, Minnesota.

The object appeared to be a large human-like corpse, preserved in a block of ice (some of it transparent, some frosted, some opaque) under a plate-glass lid in an insulated refrigerated coffin. For three days, the two scientists photographed and made drawings of the creature as best they could through the glass and the block of ice.

It was male, about 1.8 metres (six feet) tall, and covered in thick long brown hair. The shoulders were very wide, ‘constructed like those of a powerful human wrestler’. The torso was barrel-shaped, tapering to narrow hips. One arm was thrown up over the face and appeared to be badly fractured. The hands were huge. The legs were ‘about the standard length for a six-foot man’, but the arms were ‘longer than the average’. The feet were ‘more than ten inches [25 centimetres] wide measured across the toes’, with the big toe lying ‘beside the next one as does a man’s, and not opposed to the other toes, as does an ape’s.’4

The nose was ‘like that of a Pekingese dog—but not like that of a gorilla’. It appeared to have been shot in the head, as one eye socket was empty and the eyeball of the other was lying on the cheekbone, while the back of the head was shattered. ‘A considerable amount of blood [had] diffused from the sockets through the ice.’ As well, ‘the appalling stench of rotting flesh’ exuded from a point in the insulation of the coffin.4….

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