Real estate agents often say kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. But even the most beautiful home from the ground up will languish on the market if it has a crumbling foundation. Why? Sooner or later that exquisite kitchen will come crashing down.

Imagine you are looking to buy a home. You see one that has all the features you’re looking for, and it feels like home. You even checked the foundation outside before you went in—it looked fine. Then down in the basement, you notice the foundation is cracking and crumbling. Would you still buy the house? It would be a big risk unless you were willing to spend a great deal of time and money fixing the foundation, because you can see the previous owner didn’t correct the problem. He only glossed over it with a pretty covering.

Jesus Himself spoke of the dangers of a house built on an unstable foundation (Matthew 7:24-27). We see elsewhere in Scripture a similar emphasis on foundations, such as in Psalm 11:3….

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