• Nelson Haas

    Pity those who believe in evolution. Psalms 14:1 & 53:1
    Romans 1:20-25

  • Grandpa Tom

    Bet no-one can explain the process of how the caterpillars morph into the butterfly, or moth. The evolutionist cannot explain how the caterpillar disolves into 100% liquid substance including the brain. Then it reappears as something else. They say “FUNNY HOW NATURE WORKS.” Yea, God laughs, cause it is beyound funny.

  • John Cook

    Are you simply a fool or did you evolve into one? The moths didn’t “consciously” evolve eye spots. That was a product of millions and millions of years of evolution. It may have begun with an indistinct patterning, yet moths with a pattern more resembling eyes survived longer and were more apt to reproduce. This is natural selection, and it has occurred with many insects. Remember, and this seems beyond creationists, MILLIONS of years, many trillions of insect births! They reproduce very rapidly as the mature generally live only to reproduce, and many are gone within days. Think about that without your spoon fed nasty religious bias. Religion kills intellect and the ability to be rational and think critically.

    The problem is that you BELIEVE and are biased toward what you wish to see confirmed. If you can lay aside that indiscriminate belief system that requires faith (meaning acceptable without proof–and the bible is certainly not proof, but merely a circular reference) and consider things in the light of an unbiased reality, you might finally discover that what you have chosen to believe is suspect. Yes, I know you are afraid to make any attempt to consider otherwise, but your god concept will forgive you if you do. Read your bible as that is what it says. I would quickly bet I know much more about religion than you, and I do not find any god concepts reasonable enough to follow. Yes, I too was born into a Christian family, but unlike them, I can think, therefore god is merely an illusion born of some ancient myth. There have been thousands of similar ancient myths, so why choose the Jesus one? Oh, wait, because you were born in America… Can you consider what may have happened if you were born in Iraq?

    Does that help you to comprehend that religion is merely a geographical/social concept and not any part of reality? If it were real wouldn’t we all have only one god, not hundreds? Think about that without using your Christian bias, if you still can think. After reading your creationist malarkey, somehow I doubt thinking is something you do at all well.

  • SlimNm

    As a creationist, I’m disgusted by your strawmanning of the Evolutionist’s position.

  • http://timebottle.weebly.com/ Beau Quilter

    The writer of this post is a liar. There is not one evolutionary biologist who believes or hypothesizes the idea “that the moths and caterpillars somehow made conscious decisions to develop the eyespot patterns on their wings or rear ends, when there weren’t any there to begin with”.

    This entire post is based on a premise that is a lie.

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