I’ve seen things like climate, food availability, various population pressures, the development of brain size, the development of sexual reproduction and the list goes on and on as being the cause of major evolutionary developments.

So once again we read that some evolutionist has found another cause for a major burst forward in evolution.  This time it is big heads that drove evolution forward.

A team of scientists from the University of Oxford and the University of Chicago worked together to study fish fossils from what they believe to have been two different extinction events.  They studied the different physiological features of the fish both before and after the supposed extinction events and concluded that the size of the head played an important role in the evolution of a number of fish species.

According to lead author Lauren Sallan of the University of Chicago:

It seems like resources, feeding and diet are the most important factors at the initial stage.  Strange heads show up first – crushing jaws, animals with big teeth, with long jaws – but they’re all pretty much attached to the same body.

They looked at the diversification of species found in the fossil record after each of the extinction events and equated that to the diversification of species among modern animals such as cichlid fish or the finches in the Galapagos Islands.

What they are looking at is the diversification within a species that is manifested when certain environmental factors have changed.  The differences in modern cichlids or in the beaks of finches is nothing more than the differences one sees in the domestic breeding of dogs, pigeons, cows, horses and other animals as well as plants.

I’ve used this example before, but I have brown eyes, my lovely wife has green eyes, one of our daughters has grey eyes and the other has very light blue eyes.  Evolutionists want you to believe that any change is evolution at work.

On the converse, it only makes sense that an all knowing Creator would have built in a tremendous amount of genetic diversification within the genomes of the plants and animals He created at the very beginning.  All of the differences we see emerge in response to different environmental, chemical and physical factors are nothing more than genetic adaptation.  After all, cichlid fish are still cichlid fish and Darwin’s finches are still finches, and our daughters are still human beings.


‘Head-first’ Diversity Drove Vertebrate Evolution, RedOrbit.com, Dec. 21, 2011.

By Design: Evidence for nature’s Intelligent Designer–the God of the Bible

At last, a definitive work on design by a leading biblical creationist…

Today, the ID (intelligent design) movement is capturing headlines (and igniting controversy) around the world. But in the process, many are coming to think that a credible challenge to the dominant Darwinian naturalism of our time means backing away from a clear stand for the truth of the Bible.

Now creationist heavyweight Jonathan Sarfati, whose Refuting Evolution has the most copies in print of any creation book ever, challenges this mindset head on. In the process, By Design is set to become a classic of the creation movementin the same vein as Dr Sarfatis comprehensive Refuting Compromise, which is arguably the most powerful biblical and scientific defense of straightforward Genesis in existence.

Brilliant, deep and engaging the battle at the front linesclassic Sarfati!

Dr David Catchpoole, Ph.D., plant physiologist

When master logician/scientist Jonathan Sarfati takes on another front of the creation/evolution battle, his fans know theyre going to experience an intellectual feast of cut-and- thrust philosophical swordsmanship with the opponents of Genesis creation/ID. But readers are in for an additional treat, toohis passion (not revealed in his previous books) for digging into the details of lifes breathtaking designs.

Dr Carl Wieland, Managing Director,
Creation Ministries International (Australia)

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