This week’s feedback features two questions from correspondents in Australia. Paul R. asks how the origin of the Hawaiian island can be explained according to the Bible, and Dr Tas Walker responds. Will R. asks how scientific ‘proof’ relates to the truth of creation and the Bible, and Lita Cosner responds.

Paul R. from Australia writes:

Dear friends I was wondering if you could shed some light on the argument over the formation of the Hawaiian Islands. The long-age uniformitarian argument puts their age at 20 million years and sea-floor spreading as the likely catalyst for their chain-like structure and sea action for the level of erosion. What are your views?

CMI’s Tas Walker responds:

The mainstream story for how the Hawaiian Islands formed is that the Pacific plate slowly moved over a stationary “hot spot” welling up in the earth’s mantle, which progressively caused a series of volcanic eruptions that produced the string of volcanic islands. A change in direction of the movement of the plate caused the direction of the islands to change, which is why there is a kink in the line of islands.

This idea was around before there were any radioactive dates done on the basalts.

An adaption of that story could easily be incorporated into a creationist scenario such as Catastrophic Plate Tectonics. The main difference would be the dates. The islands would all be post-Flood, that is younger than about 4,500 years….

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