From a Biblical Flood Perspective

The Brisbane area is a very interesting area because there is a large variety of different rocks exposed and these can be inspected without a lot of travel.

The Basement Rocks—Early Flood—The Ascending Phase

Early during the global Flood (Genesis 6–8) the basement rocks of the Brisbane area were deposited deep under the ocean. There was a large volume of a variety of materials deposited including fine silt, poorly sorted sand, beds of chemically deposited silica, and black volcanic lava.

Tectonic movements in the earth’s crust compressed and uplifted these deposits above sea level. The compression and uplift deformed the rocks and mixed them up. The basement complex is large and has been called the New England Fold Belt.

Different parts of the basement are given different names (eg Neranleigh-Fernvale Beds, Bunya Phyllite). The exposed rocks were severely eroded as the water that was uplifted with the sediments flowed off the continent….

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