The question of whether the geological column represents an exact sequence of Flood events or not is controversial among creationist geologists. Local stratigraphic sections seem to line up with the general order of the geological column at hundreds of locations around the world. But there are many problems with the details, such as 1) the geological column is a vertical or stratigraphic representation abstracted from rock units that are mainly found laterally adjacent to each other in the field, 2) research continues to expand fossil stratigraphic ranges, 3) different names are given to the same or a similar organism when found in different-aged strata, 4) taxonomic manipulation, 5) anomalous fossils, and 6) out-of-order fossils. Walker’s model, based solely on the Bible, is advocated for analyzing the rock record and is based on the true mechanism for the deposition of the strata. Comparing Walker’s model to the geological column reveals several surprises. First, sedimentary rocks labeled Precambrian (if from the Flood), Paleozoic, and Mesozoic strata are early Flood. Second, Cenozoic strata can be early Flood, late Flood or post-Flood depending upon the location and the particular fossil used to define the Cenozoic. Third, Flood deposition is highly nonlinear with a large percentage of strata deposited early in the Flood.


The subject of how the geological column fits into Flood geology and the order of events before, during, and after the Flood is quite controversial within creationism. Some creationists advocate that the geological column is an exact representation of the events of the Flood and possibly post-Flood deposition, minus the uniformitarian timescale. In other words, the Cambrian is early in the Flood, followed by the Ordovician, etc., all over the world according to the exact order of the geological column. In that scheme, Mesozoic would be considered middle Flood or late Flood, depending upon where one places the Flood/post-Flood boundary, and the Cenozoic would be either late Flood or post-Flood. Other creationists want to throw out the entire geological column. Still others believe that it is a general sequence with many exceptions.

I will argue the middle position here: the geological column is a general Flood sequence with many exceptions. Furthermore, I advocate viewing the rocks and fossils through Flood glasses—through the actual mechanism that produced the rocks and fossils, the Genesis Flood. Why look at the rocks and fossils through a false philosophical system based on the hypotheses of uniformitarianism, an old Earth, evolution, and naturalism? Since I believe that the geological column is a general sequence of the Flood, I expect some overlap between a Flood classification and the geological column….

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